Have you ever consider these 3 words and understand how powerful they really are? Take five minutes of your time and ask yourself what does  ‘I Love You’ really means to me?

Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior commanded us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. John 3:16 told us that ‘ God so love the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whomsoever believeth in Him shall not perish but as everlasting life’. After reflecting on these words should someone be taken seriously when he/she says ‘I Love You’ to you?  But what if saying these words to someone who is battling with low Self Esteem, one who doesn’t know that God’s universal language is Love.

I enjoy watching Nollywood Movies. I see some of them being truth to life and so when they just arrive on Jamaican soil I spend a lot of money purchasing them instead of night clubbing etc. So in October of 2008 it would be naturally for me to pray for a Nigerian husband. Lol. In December of the same year I met my first Nigerian friend Amila on a HIV dating site. We started corresponding in January 2009.

Our friendship started to grow and this is when I begin to notice that at the end of our conversations he would ends with ‘I Love You’. Battling with low Self Esteem I gravitate towards these words. At this time I never know the difference between the Godly words ‘I Love You’  to the Moab (flesh) words ‘Am in Love with You’. So it was no surprise when Amila said to me let us start a long distance relationship I agreed with a warning ‘don’t break my heart’.

By this time I was slowly coming out of depression becoming more aware with the Words of God and understanding what Jesus Christ death symbolized to me. When misunderstandings started between me and Amila I started visiting Naijipals. Naijipals is a Social Networking Site for Nigerians and friends. This is where I started to become very observant in the online culture.

While participating on Naijipals I realized that saying ‘I Love You’ to a person is normal practice and if you are battling with low self esteem then you will easily fall prey to the predators using the Online Dating Sites. With this knowledge I started pushing myself to know the difference between the Godly and Moab expressions which are now being used very loosely. In doing this I recognized that no one can fall in love at first sight. This only happen after years of building and working together as a team once an interest for relationship has been developed.

My friendship with Amila he has ended which I have no regrets. I have no time to harbor regrets in life because God always know why He places persons in our lives and I have come to believe that not everyone comes to stay with us until we dies. So the work that Amila was send to do has accomplished and so his time to move on has come. I appreciate what he as done and I love him as a brother and I wish him all the best that God has in stored for him.

The death of Jesus Christ is a symbol of Love and during this festive season we should stop to pause truly reflect at what His blood symbolized to us. Are we using these words ‘I Love You’ for selfish reason or is it that we are following the advice of Jesus Christ we should love our neighbors as we ourselves.

The next time someone says ‘I love You’ to you don’t confuse it with ‘Am in Love with you’, learn to know the difference. Remember the greatest gift in life is LOVE. John 3:16

Have a happy and holy Easter Holidays.

Hugs and blessings

6 Responses to I LOVE YOU

  1. Mfon says:

    Sis, this is very captivating and i like it, and to add to it, the Holy Book says that God is Love, so if we play with the word “Love” it means we are mocking God.

  2. Divineproject says:

    Now, isnt this wonderful?…..Many people play with those three words because they seem to believe they are the way to people’s heart….

    As usual Kerry, you wrote from the heart and that is one of the ingredients of a good blog! Thumbs up for you jor!

  3. ksurrina says:

    Thank you my sis. Hugs

  4. samson says:

    I love that but I think that people really need to understand what Love is really all about so that it is not used wrongly. I will say that you keep being Spiritual Alert in the spirit coz i know that you have really touched lives.

  5. Chi says:

    Sis kerry, u r right. No plus no minus. D commandment of Jesus drags every one to practise love in lips. Few give it 4rm d heart. God bless dear

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