Why Living Under Deceptions?

June 27, 2011

One of the deception that Satan did on earth was to let men believe that they are Gods Genesis 3 vs. 5; the serpent said “Ye shall be like Gods”. So he even consider himself to be a God because he knows the difference between good and evil. But in the eyes of the Creator Satan is not a God but an evil spiritual being.

Jesus our Savior characterized Satan has a roaring lion seeking who he can devour. Which simple means Satan tell himself that he alone not going to hell and so he uses deception to prevent others from seeing the True and Living God.

Deception Regarding Blood

Now Satan knows that blood is sacred unto God and because of this he uses Cain to kill Abel his brother. God said to Cain “the voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground”, Genesis 4 vs. 10. In scriptures following one will see the sacred of what blood means to our Heavenly and Holy Father. It was after the spreading of blood upon the door post of the children of Israel they were saved from the destruction that went upon the firstborn of the Egyptians. Genesis 12.

In the wilderness they were given the Law of Moses and the instruction from God was that the offer of Blood Sacrifice should not be done with leavened bread (i.e. bread with yeast) Genesis 23 vs. 18. The crucifixion of Jesus Christ showed us the Holiness that blood represents. Now the deception that the devil uses is to instill in human a murderous nature (hatred) that is not of God.

He also uses reknown scientists to invent AIDS inside the Lab which is slowly killing off God’s creation. Then associating this virus/disease with the lady in the bible who had an issue of blood. This lady has an overflowing of blood inside of her. It was not a blood that was tainted by man made virus/disease and it was because of her faith she was healed.

Deception Regarding Marriage

Marriage is a holy symbol which represents Jesus  and the church Genesis 3 vs. 15 and Revelations 12. Our Heavenly Father know that in order to multiply (Humanly)  one has to be sexually active so His instruction was take a woman and call her your wife. Straight and simple we have to be married before we start having sexual interaction with each other. Satan comes with his deception of Sexually Sins whereby everything inside the world is being sold or advertised with SEX. So he spread this sexual immortality throughout the world after his invention of  AIDS. Scriptures that speaks about sexually immortalities 1 Corinthians 6 vs. 12-20, Eph 5 vs. 3.

After doing this, he blinded the church members who are living inside both worlds to believe that HIV/AIDS is a consequences from God because of sins the individual committed. But if these church followers were indeed followers of Jesus then they will know that the Father and Son are compassionate and loving. Genesis 3 vs. 21, John 17 and 1 Corinthians 13 vs. 4-7.

Advice to the Sheep of Jesus

Has a sheep let us open our eyes to the deception of the devil and see Humans has our Heavenly and Holy Father Jehovah creation. Show love always because it was LOVE that brought Jesus inside of this world and it was love that makes Him obedient to the Holy Father. This love is what cause Him to die for all of us so that through faith we can have eternal life.

For Persons Diagnosed with  HIV and living with AIDS

HIV is a Spiritual sickness and I would like to encourage persons before taking medication to make sure that it is below the requirement of 350 on your first CD4 results. This requirement means that you have AIDS and not HIV.

Those who are living with AIDS remember that Jesus love you just has how the Father love Him. There is nothing impossible with our Heavenly Father, believe in His son Jesus  learn to trust and walk in obedience then all shall be well with you. All the miracles that Jesus performed while on earth is still happening but it is through your beliefs and faith you shall receive.

May our Master and Savior Jesus grant you healing for the mind, body and soul.

Hugs and blessings

Hello--any word of wisdom

i am 54 yr old forced to retire from angina some 11+ years ago---because of fear i should have stayed on an extra 5 years but i did not return to my boss on time from a medical trip to Peking --as a result i was fired due to condition of heart i felt less burden to the heart and i rested in bed often perhaps due to lack of exercise---i got weaker i tried to shop as a means of forcing myself to do some work on a daily basis but often i carried too much from the market and got headaches and chest discomfort i have a hard time to get to know the right balance---no exercise i would atrophy--too much my physical or even mental condition may get worse(Tia,MS,infarcts --due to lack of oxygen) recently i felt really tired and half asleep most of the day---during my preparation for a certification exam---keep myself busy and out of trouble--- i tried fasting a little---often i feel even more sleepy and cannot concentrate for any studies so i ate---my eyes became heavy----taking only high quality meds from canadian pharmacy ---- i have been making my own fruit/vegetable juices--thru a blander/champiom juicer i did no know of any improvement---except some internal cleansing perhaps i am taking concentrated "poisons"---as most fruits/vege that are not organic are full of pesticides/fertilizers i eat mostly rice(brown) ,fish(fresh or canned),some chicken when i eat them--i feel an energy surge---but later i feel like sleeping so i was really slow in my exam preparation---like an old clock losing time would any 1 be kind enough to help this poor soul---too poor to buy what i know is the best--with no car and living on social secuity is there anything i can do to keep my head above the water(from drowning or sleeping)? any word or web site is welcomed
thanks dave

ED (sometimes called impotence)
Nobember 12, 2013

Sildenafil operates by preventing the actions of a compound within the human anatomy called phosphodiesterase type 5. This aids to loosen (widen) blood vessels and enhances the flow of blood. In ed, sildenafil enhances the blood circulation to the member following sexual arousal, and this also helps to keep an erection.

Sildenafil citrate can be found online on prescription but it's only prescribed on the NHS under particular conditions. Don't go on it in the event that you don't have ed.

This is really an expert treatment and no information concerning this model of sildenafil is contained within this medication leaflet.

Prior to taking sildenafil

Some medications aren't appropriate for those who have specific circumstances, and at times a medication may just be utilized if additional attention is taken. Therefore, before you begin taking sildenafil it's important your physician or pharmacist knows:

For those who have some ailment, injury or deformity of your own manhood.

Like a stomach ulcer, for those who own a state which causes bleeding.
When you've had an eye fixed condition causing loss of eyesight.

For those who have sicklecell disease.

If you're taking or using any other medications. This consists of any medications you're taking which are accessible to purchase with no prescription, for example herbal and complementary medicines.
For those who have ever had an allergic reaction to the or even to any other medication.

Before you simply take sildenafil, see the maker's printed information leaflet from within your pack. The leaflet will provide you with more info regarding the pills, as well as a complete record of the side effects you might experience.
Simply take sildenafil just as your own physician has told you. It's possible for you to take the pill before or after food , but when you've only eaten a big meal, it'll take longer for this to function.
Don't take sildenafil more often than one time per day.

Receiving the absolute most out of your treatment

Your partner and you will nonetheless must participate in foreplay, just like you would in case you weren't taking a medication for erectile dysfunction. Sildenafil won't cause an erection if you're not sexually aroused.
Don't drink substantial quantities of booze with sildenafil. Drinking an excessive amount of alcohol may lower your capability to acquire an erection , which may stop you from receiving the utmost benefit from such pills.
Don't drink grapefruit juice with sildenafil. It is because a compound in grapefruit juice increases the quantity of sildenafil in your bloodstream.
Discuss this together with your physician as your own dose might have to get reduced, should you believe the pills are excessively powerful for you.
Don't take more pills than you have already been told to.
You shouldn't take sildenafil should you be using any other goods or taking any other medications to take care of erectile dysfunction.

Can problems be caused by sildenafil?

Along making use of their of good use effects, most medications may cause undesirable sideeffects while maybe not everybody experiences them. These often improve as your own human body adjusts to the brand new medicine, but discuss with your physician or pharmacist if any one of these sideeffects carry on or become annoying.

What's Natural Products Chemistry
October 25, 2013
These chemists may find new drugs and new drug frameworks that enable pharmaceuticals to battle always evolving pathogens.

Some well known instances of commercially available pharmaceuticals which are produced from natural sources include aspirin, initially produced from penicillin G, and willow tree bark, isolated from molds. Naturally occurring products can be isolated from nearly any source, and researchers are currently probing formerly unexplored environments for example deep sea vents, Antarctic tundra, and uninhabited regions of the rainforest to discover unique organisms which could generate useful bioactive compounds. Numerous other examples now exist, and several universities have whole programs focused on preparing natural product chemists to enter government, academia, and business positions.

Natural products are normally isolated from naturally occurring animals, plants, and bacteria. These organisms might be cultured within the laboratory or accumulated in the wild, which is especially common within the event of uncultivable organisms for example corals and sponges. The pulpy solid particles are filtered away, making a raw extract which could eventually be fractionated using a blend of chemical techniques, for example column chromatography. Individual fractions could be assessed by LCMS and compared with existing databases of constructions which could give hints to the identity of the compounds that it comprises. Structural techniques for example Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (NMR) and X-Ray crystallography may be utilized to get structures for all these compounds.

First generation of the compounds normally refer to those who are unaltered, or exhibit the most powerful bioactivity, like the capability to fight bacterial or parasitic disease, or to exhibit cytotoxic properties that limit tumor growth. Several compounds display some bioactivity, but either the bioactivity is restricted or it also has negative side effects, for example toxicity in effective dose sizes. The best antibiotic commonly prescribed - Zithromax 500 mg (azithromycin). Some well known examples are also its derivative Taxotere (docetaxel) and the cancer treatment Taxol (paclitaxel). Third generation natural products reference natural products created by genetic bioengineering, a dynamic new area in natural products research.
Find out more about how natural products lead to the medications which you buy commercially and get assistance with your medicinal jobs at http://scholar.lib.vt.edu/theses/available/etd-09062007-000547/unrestricted/Thesis-chap_1.pdf or see antibiotics available at http://azithromycin500mgtablets.net.
Nature has supplied unparalleled chances for organisms to develop unique metabolites and secondary metabolites which help the organism to endure, which describes the possibility of several naturally occurring compounds to display powerful bioactivity. Many are complex molecules which can interact with complex inhibitors which may be hard to target using combinatorial chemistry techniques, because nature has used almost unlimited amount of time in developing these items. Unfortunately, several molecules additionally possess the drawback of being hard to synthesize, making the compounds expensive and occasionally not possible to create on a commercial scale.

Natural products provide boundless chances for discovery of new potential pharmaceutical compounds. Natural products possess the possibility to fight the growing danger of drug resistance, when combined with modern instruments and techniques, for example genetic engineering.


My Experience with Satan One and One

March 14, 2011

I wondered within myself why someone would want to be Godlike one week ago. I never know that it was the final temptation for me to receive the Power of God. On Sunday of February 27, I know how it felt to talk with the devil and not seeing anything. At first I thought it was my mother and the Spirit within me said, “Every Spirit that comes around you, you take it for your mother.” The words that were spoken let me to assume this. But after what was send to me I ignored the voice in my Head and concentrate watching a Christian Movie that need to be rewrite.

I think about withholding what happened from my father but the Monday I said to him “Mama was here last night”. He said, “I heard the bottle dropped and when you started talking, but always remember that the dead have no body, after awhile and some of them walk around and make nuisance. “ Then he said, “Did you hear your mother voice?” I started to query it and said “In true and in fact the voice was not hers for true”.

But I realize that the Lord was teaching me about the Devils and how they work because of what I was reading in the Book of Luke. Then I said “Lord, you are really teaching me and this is why I don’t oppose persons, when they are talking to me whether he/she is Born Again yes/no. You use anyone to teach us”.


All this time I never have the encounter that Jesus Christ had when He left the wilderness. Luke 4:1-14 I never dream that I would either but it came my way on Tuesday of the same week. In come the devil with my mother’s voice and I caught it same time and I started to laughed at him. I said “look at you trying to trap me”. You see my vessel is clean and so he want to enter in any way he can. He started asking me “If I don’t want to be God like and I said no. The Bible said Christlike and that is what I am sticking to.” The Devil told me that I should ignore the bible and listen to Him. This is when I started to tell him that the Bible is true and only has Human Weaknesses. I said you are the Liar, Deceiver and Destroyer. I have nothing to do with you. Then I went to Jeremiah 2:33 and I told him that I am not searching for Love because I already found it. I said “I am not like the Children of Israel neither am I like Paul who is looking Godlike title. I don’t want followers but I want everyone to follow Jesus Christ. I want people to be Christlike.” It was a terrible temptation and for days I was out of it. Yes I came online but my head was sore.

The experience was terrible worst than in 2007 when he was tempting me to take my life. At that time it was all in the Flesh but because I am living in the Spirit, his only entrance was my head and he did deal with it. The BIBLE was what I have to turn on Him.

Yes Devils are for real and they attack through the Head when the body is clean. If one is not vigilant then Devils will take residence inside of the body and when we believe that we are still clean we are not. I asked the Lord, “Lord am I still with you or is it that the monster has taken me over?” It took an incident on Facebook for me to know that I am still with the Lord. The Lord said “There is prove that I am still with you”. Yes the Word of God was pulsating from my body that day.

I final got release on Sunday in Service when the full Power of God came took over and I was there in the Spirit just magnifying and praising. Then further down I was used to Heal and bring Alive a man in the church. I believe this happen because I was questioning the bringing Alive aspect of the Healing Ministry. Just like other queries the Lord show me that it is real. Of course I question the bible, if I don’t I will not be living by Faith. It is my questions that allow me to trust the Lord and believe in His Words.

Satan is real and who have doubts can stop doubting. Those who believe that there is no God need to start looking at Christ and start building their one and one relationship with Him. 1 John 5:1-6 As for those who envying Positions in churches I would advice them to learn about Christ and have a clean heart so that when the Lord is ready to give them a Leadership role that is purpose in their Hearts they will be able to manage it. My life experiences that give me awareness help me to overcome Satan, along with the Word of God and today I am clean as before I went inside of the temptation. And now I have the Power to do the Lord’s work in Spirit, Holiness and Truth. Luke 9:1-2

The Mystery of God is one that is deep which is being withheld from the Churches. Holiness and Truth are not being taught because the Apostles and Prophetess are no longer welcome in churches. A lot of them are now prayer warriors. Some of them become witches teaching lies and putting dishonesty in a Spirituality which is base on the total teaching of the Mystery of God. Eph 2:18-22 & 3:4-12

In closing I just want to encourage everyone in the Body of Christ to build your one and one Relationship with Christ. Allow Christ to give you His understanding and remember that His manifestation can be seen everywhere. It is just for you to walk in obedience to Him. John 14:21-23

Hugs and blessings


Joy and Peace

December 15, 2010

Jesus Christ birth happened for us to have everlasting Joy and Peace. Our true and living God looked upon the earth and saw that we need a comforter. He gave us Jesus Christ.

Oppression was rampant in the world and darkness prevailed instead of Light. Being the compassionate Father, the God of this earth looked beyond our iniquities, and our wonderful Lord and Savior was born. Now we have the opportunity to have this Comforter inside of our lives; not only during the Christmas Season but every day.

To receive the Joy of our Strength and the Peace that passeth all understanding, we have to accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior by walking in obedience. Let us not only celebrate His birth, but let us reflect on what His birth means to us.

Oppression is everywhere, but the Comforter is here waiting to live inside of you. Let us seek to have a rejoicing Spirit everyday, no matter what is happening inside of our lives. The God of this earth will provide and protect us, when we walk in obedience to Jesus Christ His beloved Son.

My brethren let us look towards 2011 with a renew Spirit of Hope, Joy, Love and Peace. Have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year. May the Will of our Heavenly Father be manifested inside of your lives.

Hugs and blessings

Seeing Faith with My Naked Eyes

September 25, 2010

It is amazing to see what it is to live by Faith and not only living by it but seeing it being displayed in our lives. This past week I see the power of Jehovah through His Son Jesus Christ. We are obedient to Jesus Christ John 15 vs. 4-16. He is our Master and Savior, also who intercedes on our behalf.

On Monday, I said to my father, “Daddy you not cooking” yes he is the chef in the house. Lol His response was “the gas is finished”. I respond with “God will let us cook by faith until we receive money to purchase the gas”.  The Spirit of the Lord asked me “are you convince about this?” I answer “yes I do”.

We cooked between Tuesday-Thursday twice on Wednesday on Faith gas, Yes my friends Faith Gas.  It was when daddy received the checked on Thursday night that I realized that it was indeed faith gas we were cooking on. This morning I heard daddy said “Kerriann said we cooked on grace” and he was laughing.

You know it was last week I was talking about the Power of God and how am going to not talk things negative;  because I looked back in my life and see persons said negative things to me which I returned back and it happened to them. It was what they wished for me and I returned it back to them.  Daddy laughed at the time and said “Who you think you are?” I believe that me and Daddy was taught a lesson this week, my lesson was that I have the Authority and Power that was given to the disciples and so I should use it responsibly and with care. Daddy lesson was to show him that I was not lying, that I have was chosen to do God’s work but I was ignorant to who I was at the time.

My friends we all have our various Spiritual Gifts that is given to us by God through His Son Jesus Christ, don’t stay out in the world and get hurt by them. Yes Satan uses our Spiritual Gifts to harm us because we are ignorant to them. They can only be utilized under the Power and Instruction of Jesus Christ. Pray that God will soften your heart to accept His Son Jesus Christ has your Master and Savior so that you can receive the Joy and Happiness that those gifts offer.

May Jehovah continue to bless and prospers your life through His son Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ YOKE

September 7, 2010

Come to me all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you and learn from me for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. Matthew 11:28-30

The fellowship that I am a member of had Youth Convention with the theme “My Yoke is Easy”. The first speaker spoke about a yoke which is burdensome and gave the impression has if this is what Jesus Christ was saying to us. Now during the service it dawn on me that the whole teaching of Jesus Christ is so easy but still humans goes around teaching the wrong thing.

In this verse Jesus already established that we are burden and wearisome, so He said come I will give you rest. Rest to me means cease from what I am going through.  Now the yoke that Jesus is telling us to take upon us mean “His union” which is the baptism Gal 3 vs 27. For us to experience this easy and light burden life we have to walk the way of obedience which means submitting to God through Jesus Christ. To work in obedience we have to see Jesus has who He was here on earth, a Human Being representing His father.

The life of Jesus Christ here on earth was not an easy one has how some of us are lead to believe. Jesus was a human being full blooded with a Kingdom lying on His head 2 Samuel 7 vs 12-16.  Jesus overcame the burden yoke (disobedience) Genesis 3 vs 16-19 and invites us to join Him in the Freedom yoke Matt 11 vs 28-30 (obedience).

Learning from Jesus by reading the Bible will enable us a light burden because Jesus already showed us, how to overcome the heavy burden and weariness that will come our way through Trials and Temptations, Luke 22 vs 39-45,  4 vs 1-13. Following the life of Jesus Christ will give us not only blessings but a light and burden free life. There is one thing I have learned is that in walking in obedience I have to be childlike. So I emptied myself of all that I had known before and allow the Holy Spirit to teach me.

Obedience is the key to receive the Freedom that Jesus Christ our Savior has offered us; it is free and well rewarding.  May God continue to bless and prosper you.

Hugs and blessings

The Awesomeness of Jesus Christ

August 3, 2010

Back in April, I wrote about going to clinic and discovering that my CD4 was 420. My doctor and I decided to do a new CD4 and Viral Load blood test which was done.

On July 28th, I went for my due appointment and my CD4 result was 712, am presently awaiting the result of my Viral Load. Now I know that this is not my doing but the Almighty God Jesus Christ because am not on medication. This has open my heart more to draw closer to Jesus Christ and to know Him better Spiritually. When I received that phone call from my former employee that day I now fully understand that it was Jesus Christ talking to me when she said “Kerry don’t worry, I know that you love to worry.”

At the time if I was at the Spiritual level that I am now I would interpret it has my lord saying to me “Am here for you believe on me”.  But at that time even though I talk about Jesus Christ passionately and lovingly I still never know Him Spiritually.

My Spiritual Walk With God

In June the guy I fell in love with over the internet told me that he is married, we have been corresponding 17 months. I was so distraught because I thought he was my hope, but I was living in the Natural at that time. So during my bleeding heart I was told by my Pastor mentor after discussing it in devotion, that I should go on Seven days Fasting because what  has happen is a trial. This is the first time I have ever FAST and this is when my Spiritual Walk with God began.

My Spirituality started and I was able to understand what God promises meant and that they are true.  Then I find myself having Theme for the week, my first Theme was “I need a Touch from you Jesus”. I went to church and my life was transformed. A song was singing about having Jesus Christ as our Joy, then I started remembering all that I went through. This is when I started jumping and shouting “Thank You Jesus it is you that carried me through my 13 years of bondage.” In service that day I was dancing and rejoicing.  That is when I started to see the awesomeness of the God I serve.

Bible Study

Bible Study is an important factor into a Christian Life.  “How many of us really see the importance of it and seeing it the way our Heavenly Father want us to?”

On July 28th, I went to Bible Study and I discovered by the Holy Spirit that these Study Bibles are giving misleading and wrong information. The best Bible Teacher is the Holy Spirit. Before reading your bible ask the Holy Spirit to give you Spiritual Eyes so that you will see the Bible the way our Heavenly Father want you to and not allow the devil to cloud your mind in the Natural.

Once we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior we are working towards a home in the Spiritual Kingdom. This Spirituality is not for us to jump up and down in church and speaking in tongues without an interpreter.  It is for us to know our Heavenly Father, His enemies and what the death of Jesus Christ truly means to us mankind.  Once we are able to open our eyes to this reality then we will be like Jesus Christ.

My advice to you stop saying that Christianity is hard. It is a seed planted into our mind by the devil. If you hear your Spiritual family members uttering this, then rebuke the devil and let him know that he is the enemy of Jesus Christ and so he is also yours too.

My brothers and sisters in Christ know who you are and who you belongs to in doing this you will not be lead astray. Remember that our home is not here on earth (Natural) but in the Spiritual were happiness, Peace, Joy and Eternal life awaits.

May Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit saturate you with His Spiritual Awareness.

Come to me all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you and learn from me for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. Matthew 11:28-30

Hugs, Love and Blessings

Faith, Trust and Fasting

June 25, 2010

Have you ever felt frustrated not knowing what to do or where to turn?

I was rebaptized in January and I started to believe that this was it. That my prayers are being answered and so all is well. I remembered attending church one Sunday and my bishop told me that my trust and faith in God was weak and that I need to start developing this. My answer to him was that he doesn’t know how far the Lord has taken me from and that he doesn’t know me. Looking back I cannot believe how stupid I was and how full of myself I am at the time. Lol

Between January-March I spend my time continuing to live the life I was used to spending all my time here on the internet and worrying about a long distance relationship I had. In March my laptop started giving up on me. It was on my birthday April 15, I declared that am 34yrs old and so my life begins now.

Building of my Faith and Trust

All this time I thought that I trusted the Lord and that my faith is in abundance but now I know differently. A cheque was outstanding for me, every time I called for it I was told that I will be getting it soon. One day I became frustrated and I said “God let thy will be done where this cheque is concern” couple weeks later the still quiet voice of the Holy Spirit says “Call about the Cheque” and when I did, I received it two days later. I started rejoicing but during my rejoicing I became sick. I said I know this is an affliction instead of giving up I started looking at my Christian life.

In the month of May I was able to purchased a refurbished desktop and paid an outstanding phone bill that my father ignored without telling me. I was able to eat food after earnestly praying to God. This month allowed me to see my Heavenly Father and the Savior of my soul Jesus Christ.


June came and I started to be more mindful of my Christian walk but then a trial came up which having me crying for 3 days. I couldn’t take it any more and so when I went to devotion at the office where I recommitted to Christ I told my mentors Pastor Jackie and Cherryl what was happening to me. Then I was told to fast for seven days.

I have never fasted in my life. So the next day I unplug the computer tidy my room, have a bath and reached for my bible. Those seven days has opened my eyes to who my Heavenly Father was, what He wants of me, whose child I am and what it means to be obedient. Then I realized that the Holy Spirit was always inside of me since the age of 8 when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, but I was too disobedient and so I went into captivity. Yes sin to me is captivity which caused me to feel hurt and pain.

Now am rejoicing in the Lord because I now surrender all to Him. I know that trials and temptation will be coming my way, but I also know that Jesus Christ is there to help me along; instead of my usual worrying I will just use a scripture or a song to comfort my soul, knowing that my Lord is right there and He will take me through. Now I know what Christians always talked about being saved after baptism. But to me it is not saved but change.

I now understand what the word of God says that we can never be in the presence of God and still be the same. Now I feel like Moses when he went up to Mount Sinai and came back down with his face well shone that not even the children of Israel wanted to look at him. I feel like a new person with a heart that has never seen scar and hurt.

I am thankful today that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ didn’t give up on me. That He is a patient Lord.

So my friends don’t give up on yourself no matter what you are going through. Reach for your bible and pray sincerely Jesus Christ our Lord is there waiting to give you comfort through the Holy Spirit.

Continue to be bless, hugs and love

This Is What I Call Determination

May 8, 2010

I came across this article on Naijipals.com about a fellow female who is determine  to succeed in life. She is unable to finance her college tuition and so she did the unthinkable.

She learned how to drive a Keke. A Keke is a public transportation in Nigeria. While reading this article my heart swelled with pride knowing that this young lady is determine to be someone in life so she went the non traditional route.


Our Heavenly Father Jehovah told us that He will take care of us. Jesus Christ told us in His words that we should seek and we will find, knock and the door shall be open to us, ask and it shall be given.

How many of us in our situation sit down and cried in our miseries instead of venturing out. I challenge you today to be like this Nigerian do the non traditional to gain success and remember in everything place our Heavenly Father at the Head through the blood of Jesus Christ and He will pave the way for you.

All is well when we learn to depend on the Trinity. Three different Heavenly Spirit working in one accord.

Hugs and blessings

PS:  Ksurrina now has a CHATROOM.  It would be inspiring to have you stopping by


God Work in Mysterious Ways!

April 7, 2010

Today was my HIV doctor’s appointment  and while at the clinic waiting one of my former employee  called me, her message was  “Kerry don’t worry, I know that you love to worry.” Two hours later  my doctor showed me that my CD4 count has fallen from 650 to 450. I lost 200 points in no time. He said medication for you and I said Doctor NO. He said ok and suggested that we do another one. He did his regular test and said your chest is healthy but you have to be careful because of this fall in your CD4 the lower it is the more demential it is for you.

I sat there asking him what I should do to boost my CD4. He answered by telling me to eat right and exercise. Although I already know that this was the answer I still asked because the worrying  as started. I also faced the fact then and there that I have to start eating properly that I wasn’t doing.  His next response was you are now due to do another Viral Load test. So he gave me the papers to do another CD4 and Viral Load. The result I got today was the test I did in December 2009, at the time I re-did a HIV Positive test which confirmed that am indeed HIV Positive  (I  redone this test because there were persons in Davey’s Chatroom who told him that I wasn’t HIV positive and he has banned me without confirming it with me) .  It also confirmed that I have no  other Sexually Transmitted Disease.

Upon reaching home I went to my Facebook  writing a status update when what Sidoney said came back to me ‘Kerry don’t worry, I know that you love to worry’. At that time when she said this I never know what she was saying to me and so I started telling her that am at clinic and about my association with Eve for life. Her credit got finished before I was able to complete my sentence to her and when I called her the connection was bad. The last time I spoke with Sidoney was in 2008 but today God used her to reassure me.

Yes I begin to worry and was explaining in my Facebook Profile Status about my CD4 when those words came back to me then I saw that God is indeed there for me. My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as used His angel to tell me all is well not to worry. Now am smiling because Jesus Christ is indeed in my fight and so I have lift myself up again. Yes the devil have me for some minutes but he as lost out again.

Now am smiling again why should I worry when I have a Lord and Savior who died on the cross to give me life more abundantly, why worry when my Heavenly Father Jehovah, is the possessor of Heaven and Earth. Should I still worry when the Holy Spirit the comforter and teacher is there to remind me  of things that I have forgotten so that I can be happy even after an hour of sadness.  I have three  different Heavenly Spirits working into one accord who love me and looking after me. So I have no need to  be in depression.

Thank you Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior, I love you with all my heart. It is indeed well when Jesus Christ is the center of our Joy.

Psalm 145 is what I leave with you.



April 3, 2010

Have you ever consider these 3 words and understand how powerful they really are? Take five minutes of your time and ask yourself what does  ‘I Love You’ really means to me?

Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior commanded us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. John 3:16 told us that ‘ God so love the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whomsoever believeth in Him shall not perish but as everlasting life’. After reflecting on these words should someone be taken seriously when he/she says ‘I Love You’ to you?  But what if saying these words to someone who is battling with low Self Esteem, one who doesn’t know that God’s universal language is Love.

I enjoy watching Nollywood Movies. I see some of them being truth to life and so when they just arrive on Jamaican soil I spend a lot of money purchasing them instead of night clubbing etc. So in October of 2008 it would be naturally for me to pray for a Nigerian husband. Lol. In December of the same year I met my first Nigerian friend Amila on a HIV dating site. We started corresponding in January 2009.

Our friendship started to grow and this is when I begin to notice that at the end of our conversations he would ends with ‘I Love You’. Battling with low Self Esteem I gravitate towards these words. At this time I never know the difference between the Godly words ‘I Love You’  to the Moab (flesh) words ‘Am in Love with You’. So it was no surprise when Amila said to me let us start a long distance relationship I agreed with a warning ‘don’t break my heart’.

By this time I was slowly coming out of depression becoming more aware with the Words of God and understanding what Jesus Christ death symbolized to me. When misunderstandings started between me and Amila I started visiting Naijipals. Naijipals is a Social Networking Site for Nigerians and friends. This is where I started to become very observant in the online culture.

While participating on Naijipals I realized that saying ‘I Love You’ to a person is normal practice and if you are battling with low self esteem then you will easily fall prey to the predators using the Online Dating Sites. With this knowledge I started pushing myself to know the difference between the Godly and Moab expressions which are now being used very loosely. In doing this I recognized that no one can fall in love at first sight. This only happen after years of building and working together as a team once an interest for relationship has been developed.

My friendship with Amila he has ended which I have no regrets. I have no time to harbor regrets in life because God always know why He places persons in our lives and I have come to believe that not everyone comes to stay with us until we dies. So the work that Amila was send to do has accomplished and so his time to move on has come. I appreciate what he as done and I love him as a brother and I wish him all the best that God has in stored for him.

The death of Jesus Christ is a symbol of Love and during this festive season we should stop to pause truly reflect at what His blood symbolized to us. Are we using these words ‘I Love You’ for selfish reason or is it that we are following the advice of Jesus Christ we should love our neighbors as we ourselves.

The next time someone says ‘I love You’ to you don’t confuse it with ‘Am in Love with you’, learn to know the difference. Remember the greatest gift in life is LOVE. John 3:16

Have a happy and holy Easter Holidays.

Hugs and blessings


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